Reporting Entities

National Reporting entities shall report suspicious transactions to QFIU in accordance with the AML/CFT Law No. (20) of 2019 and its Implementing Regulations, and QFIU guidelines, in order of priority, as follows:

– Via QFIU electronic system (ESTR) (only for the reporting entities that has an electronic link with QFIU).

-Manually to QFIU Headquarters at the following address: Qatar Financial Crime Centre, Building 11, 8th Floor, Al Baladiya Street 810- Doha (behind the Council of Ministers General Secretariat).

For more details on how to report to QFIU, please refer to the Guidelines and Circulars page.

Reporting entities must use the reporting form issued by QFIU in compliance with the reporting requirements under the AML/CFT Law No. (20) of 2019, QFIU guidelines and the AML/CFT instructions issued by the supervisory authorities.

For more details, please refer to the Reporting Forms page and the Supervisory Instructions page.

QFIU issues strategic analysis reports on prominent patterns and trends that help enhance the reporting entities understanding of suspicious behavior and thus promoting the effectiveness of the suspicious transaction reporting system.

For more information, please refer to the Typologies and Indicators page.