FIU’s priority is to raise awareness on the risks of money laundering crimes – Khalid bin Abdul Rahman

Qatar Financial Information Unit (QFIU) honored the participants in the Qatar University awareness program, entitled: “Money Laundering is a Real Threat”, which was organized by the College of Law at Qatar University and aimed at raising awareness on the risks of money laundering crimes in general, and the international community’s duty to fight such crimes.

At the beginning of the ceremony, QFIU’s head of Information and International Cooperation Division, Sheikh Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, thanked Qatar University for its contribution in spreading knowledge about money laundering crimes, especially among the youth, and pointed out that the FIU’s priority was to raise awareness on the risks of such financial crimes among university students, who are the pillar of the Qatari society. He added that the program was considered as part of the proposed projects to achieve the goal of strategic unity with the State.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulaziz Al Khulaifi, the Dean of the College of Law, expressed his gratitude to the FIU for adopting the awareness program, and highlighted the determination of Qatar University, and the College of Law in particular, to promote cooperation with the FIU in all sectors, in order to contribute to fighting money laundering crimes.

Sarah Al-Faraj, a student at the College of Law, noted that the FIU promoted Qatar’s leading role and serious efforts in fighting money laundering.

At the end of 2012, QFIU launched its strategy for 2013-2017 under the vision of “National Competency, Professional High Performance and International Excellence in Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing”, based on a number of core values, mainly building up institutional capacity, resources and abilities.

The QFIU identified eight strategic goals to be implemented over five years starting year 2013, including “raising awareness of the civil society institutions about the role of the QFIU in fighting money laundering and terrorism financing”.