“Money Laundering is a Real Threat”

A seminar entitled “Money Laundering is a Real Threat” was held by the Faculty of Law in Qatar University in collaboration with QFIU on 11 December 2014 at the Library Building. During the Seminar, Mrs. Noora Bahar, Head of Section, at the Office of the Head of the QFIU, lectured on “the Role of QFIU in the Implementation of the AML/CFT Regime in Qatar.” In her lecture, Mrs. Bahar discussed a number of technical issues that highlighted the application of the STR systems in Qatar and the responsibilities of QFIU.

The lecture aimed at raising the awareness of students of the importance of combating all types of organized crime. The seminar was well attended by the faculty students, teaching faculty members and legal practitioners from official entities in Qatar in addition to representatives from the private sector.