QFIU holds its Second 2021 Meeting of the Forum of the Public-Private Dialogue during 20-23 June 2021

As part of its ongoing efforts to outreach the Private Sector, exchange views and feedback, QFIU organized during 20-23 June 2021, the “Second 2021 Meeting of the Forum of the Public-Private Dialogue”, the 7th Forum since its inception in 2018, in cooperation and coordination with the national supervisory authorities.

The meeting was distinguished by the active participation of QFIU employees, representatives from the National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee (NAMLC), and from the financial institutions and DNFBPs and their relevant supervisory authorities.

The participants from both public and private sectors tackled many topics, mainly Covid-19 related trends and typologies in the State of Qatar. Whereas Covid-19 pandemic had many impacts and led to many challenges due the heavy use of information technology, or materials associated with the combatting of Covid-19 or related circumstances, in addition to the preventive measures implemented by some private sector entities in response to future similar emerging phenomena.